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CasterQuest Ep 87 The Wise Man’s Fear Book Club Ch 47-52

Ep 87 of CasterQuest: “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club recaps chapters 47-52. In this episode, Kvothe teaches Chronicler that having stories told about you isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be. Kvothe treats Elxa Dal to an expensive lunch, and the Master Sympathist repays him with a story and

CasterQuest Ep85 Game of Thrones S7 Ep7: The Dragon and the Wolf

In Episode 85 of CasterQuest we wrap up our recaps of Season 7 of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” with our recap of the season finale- “The Dragon and the Wolf“. In this episode many of the main characters attend an awkward highschool reunion, make plans to deal with the threat

CasterQuest Ep83 Game of Thrones S7 Ep6: Beyond the Wall

In Episode 83 of CasterQuest we recaps “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 6- “Beyond the Wall”. In this episode if you wear a hat or hood past the wall, you are probably not going to make it back. Fan-service gold level dialogue is served up. Arya and Sansa have

CasterQuest Ep 82 Game of Thrones S7 Ep 5: Eastwatch

In Episode 82 of CasterQuest we recap HBO’s Game of Thrones S7 Ep5 “Eastwatch”. In this episode- Tyrion thinks his boss might be a little mad. If you think Dickon was hot before, you have no idea how hot he’s about to get. Jon makes friends with a Dragon. Jorah

CasterQuest Ep 81 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club Ch 33-36: The Heist

In episode 81 of CasterQuest we recap chapters 33-36 of “The Wise Man’s Fear” covering chapters 33-36. In this episode- It’s the heist we’ve all been all been waiting for, as Kvothe and friends manage to destroy the mommet being held in Ambrose’s rooms at the Golden Pony. Kvothe is

CasterQuest Game Of Thrones S7 Ep 4: The Spoils of War

Episode 80 of CasterQuest recaps Game of Thrones Season 7, Episode 4 “The Spoils of War“. In this episode, Cersei boosts her credit rating, Tyrion & Varys have good news- and bad news, Jon gets a degree in anthropology, Wiess and Benihoff try to sail a new ship, Littlefinger is

CasterQuest Ep 79 Game of Thrones S7 Ep3: The Queen’s Justice

Episode 79 of CasterQuest recaps Season 7 Episode 3 of HBO’S “Game of Thrones“- The Queen’s Justice. In this episode- Jon locks his knees, quippy Tyrion is back in full swing, the siege of Casterly Rock is a little TOO EASY. Euron asks Jaime for relationship advice, Bran needs sensitivity

CasterQuest Ep 78 Game of Thrones S7 Ep 2: Stormborn

In Episode 78 of CasterQuest we recap HBO’s Hit Epic Fantasy Series “Game of Thrones” Season 7, Episode 2: “Stormborn“. In this episode, unexpected reunions and surprise visits abound. Arya swaps recipe cards, changes course, and gets in touch with her wild side. Jon receives two DM’s urging him to

CasterQuest Ep 76 Game of Thrones S7 Ep1: Dragonstone

**Potential Spoilers for all published ASOIAF material and aired episodes of Game of Thrones** In Episode 76 of CasterQuest– The return of HBO’s hit epic fantasy series, Game of Thrones! Recapping Season 7, Episode 1- Dragonstone. In this episode; Arbor gold is definitely not a red wine, the army of

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