Mandy Campbell

CasterQuest Ep 75 Game of Thrones Season 7 Pregame Predictions

*Spoilers for all aired episodes of HBO’s Game of Thrones and all published ASOIAF related materials* In episode 75 of CasterQuest Xavier and Mandy break down the trailer for the seventh season of HBO’s epic Fantasy/Drama series “Game of Thrones”. We catch up on where each major character left off

CasterQuest Ep 71

CasterQuest Ep74 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club Ch 25-27: Alar like a Sharknado

Episode 74 of CasterQuest recaps Chapters 25-27 in our ongoing “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club from Patrick Rothfuss‘ best-selling fantasy series “The Kingkiller Chronicle“. In this episode, Kvothe engages in some frantic follies when he decides to reach out to an unsavory contraband smuggler to procure a gram schema.

CasterQuest Ep73 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza III

Celebrate America’s Independence with the return of CasterQuest’s annual 4th of July Fanfiction Extravaganza! Listen as we struggle through 4 different terrible fanfictions including fan favorites like: Harry Potter, Batman and Robocop, The Kingkiller Chronicle, and Sesame Street meets Twilight. After this episode, you may never eat an apple the

Ep 72 CasterQuest and the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter

In episode 72 of CasterQuest we take a brief hiatus from our regularly scheduled programming to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter! It’s a series that we both enjoy and refer to all the time, the only question is… what took us so long to have an entire episode

CasterQuest Ep69 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club Ch 12-17

In Episode 69 of CasterQuest we recap chapters 12-17 of “The Wise Man’s Fear” in our ongoing book club covering Patrick Rothfuss’ best-selling fantasy series- “The Kingkiller Chronicle“. Kvothe is eager to learn as he attends Master Elodin’s first naming class, but soon finds out that it’s not at all

CasterQuest Ep68: Inside Comicpalooza 2017!

In Episode 68 of CasterQuest Mandy and Xavier recap their time at Comicpalooza 2017 in Houston Texas. Houston’s biggest con always has so much to offer, and we talk about hosting our first panel, cosplaying, and celebrity spotting. We enjoyed a Spongebob Q&A, learned a little bit of Klingon, experienced

CasterQuest Ep 66 The Wise Man’s Fear Book Club Ch 3-7: Drinks From Strangers

In Episode 66 of CasterQuest Mandy and Xavier are recording live from Comicpalooza in Houston, Texas! Bringing Kingkiller Chronicle Fans the latest installment of our “The Wise Man’s Fear” Book Club, covering chapters 3-7. In this episode, Kvothe scrambles to save up tuition money, and get enough studying in before

CasterQuest Ep65 “The Wise Man’s Fear” Prologue-Chapter 2

Welcome back to the Book Club! In Episode 65 we recap the Prologue- Chapter 2 of Patrick Rothfuss’ Best Selling Fantasy Novel “The Wise Man’s Fear“! As we settle in to return to our story, we spend some time at the Waystone inn. Some townsfolk come to visit, and Kvothe

CasterQuest Ep64 Patrick Rothfuss Book 3 Q&A

In Episode 64 of CasterQuest we talk Patrick Rothfuss‘ Worldbuilders charity reward Book 3 Q&A. We cherry picked some of the best questions and answers and share our thoughts on them. Will Mandy be able to convince Xavier to love Lin Manuel Miranda as much as she does? What’s it

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