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Where comedy and commentary collide!

Thunder Talk brings a unique variety show style twist to the fandom podcast genre. Beyond the geeky deep dives, we drop music from some of todays hottest up and coming artists, discuss topics of social and political relevance, and deliver our sideways take on the world at large. If stand-up comedy, NPR, the Millennium Falcon, and classic MTV had a baby, it would be Thunder Talk!

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Dan Klink
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Thunder Talk Lost Episode

Thunder Talk The Lost Episodes – Cold Bilgesnipe: Patreon Exculsive

For over a year Thunder Talk operated outside the love and guidance of the ESO network resulting in many Lost Episodes. This is a segment from one of them… Got a monkey on you back? How would Sexy Thor take the edge off? With Bilgensnipe! Cold Bilgesnipe! The Folks at


We’re Moving to Wednesdays! Didn’t want you to think we were ghosting you… again, so here’s a Sneak Peak at Episode 23. Look for the full show 4/15/20! Total Run Time 00:07:50 The ESO Network #esonetwork Thunder Talk FIND US ON Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @thundertalkpod JOIN THE

Thunder Talk Podcast


Welcome Thunder Faithful to Issue 22! As you’ve noticed we’ve gone back to our bi-monthly format but we promise to keep loving you each and every week. The gang tackles today’s current topics such as – should stupidity be a crime, finding lemonade in the lemons, teleporters vs. toilet paper,

Thunder Talk Podcast


Welcome Thunder Faithful to Thunder Talk and thank you for spending your quarantine with us. In Issue 21 we get you up to speed on Covid-19 while trying to keep a smile. Wasteland co-founder and fashion mogul Karol Bartoszynski shows us how to look good after the apocalypse. Davey Adams,

Thunder Talk Podcast

Thunder Talk Issue 20/20 – THE (near) DEATH OF SUPERDAN

Guess who’s back, back again? The Thunders back, tell your friends! In issue 20 we tell the tale of Dan’s recent “adventure” along with a recording from his hospital room while he was doped out of his mind. Beth & Kawika delve into a few classic games and give a

The TRON Holiday Special: LIVE!

2 EPISODES IN 2 DAYS! MERRY CHRISTMAS! FIND US ON: Apple Podcasts – Google Play – iHeartRadio – Spotify – Stitcher and all that junk! Download us at The TRON Holiday Special: LIVE! In our 2nd Holiday Special we, for the most part, just hit the record button… sorta.

Thunder Talk Issue 18 – ‘Tis The Season For Retro Toys!!!

FIND US ON: Apple Podcasts – Google Play – iHeartRadio – Spotify – Stitcher and all that junk! Tis the season for Retro Toy!!! Mark and Dan look back at Toy Federation’s Retro-Toy Con, Greenville SC 2019 along with a whole host of incredible guests including Thunder Talk’s mightiest Avenger!

Issue 17 – Love And Thunder Talk, PERIODT!

In Issue 17 Adam Whetston recounts a local act of hate while reaffirming exactly where this show stands on the subject of bigotry and intolerance. Mark and Dan talk to Brando Hilton about southern, gay, entrepreneurialism while also discussing the hot fire that is his new podcast, PERIODT! We also

THUNDER TALK – Halloween SpooK-Tacular & Onya’s BOO Bash!

In Issue 16 Mark McCray and the Thunder Friends team up to tackle all things Halloween! Mark and Adam interview fashion mogul, pod caster, and drag queen  extraordinaire Brandon Hilton aka Onya Mann about his can’t miss event of the season, Onya’s Boo Bash! The Howlin’ Roosters trilogy comes to

THUNDER TALK – Episode XV: Return of the Unfocused

THUNDER TALK – Episode XV: Return of the Unfocused In Issue Fifteen of Thunder Talk our intention was to breakdown Triple Force Friday, but instead Dan has a Star Wars addiction breakthrough. Just give the kid a Black Luke! Kawika fights mosquitos, then she fights the itch. We have

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